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Macy’s and Harlan Brandon Footwear:
Recognized as Leaders in the community and Supplier Diversity

 It was art that altered Harlan's trajectory.
 Harlan Brandon Footwear, Harlan Media LLC and now Harlan Brandon Fine Art, have invested in underserved communities in ways that have a direct and meaningful impact on our neighbors. Harlan's commitment extends beyond traditional corporate responsibility, Harlan recognized that our corporate social responsibility affords us all with rewarding opportunities to offer support within our communities. Harlan has been committed to creating innovative corporate partnerships with federal agencies, schools and not-for-profit organizations and is quite intentional in his efforts to get involved in non-traditional ways.
 Art Director, Illustrator and Creative director
Harlan began his career in advertising working for Foote Cone & Belding and later with Wiselter & Partners, Lockhart & Pettus and Gleckler & Spiegel advertising as an Art Director and illustrator, then creative Director.
Harlan Brandon has more than thirty years’ experience in the marketing / manufacturing and arts industries. He was the President/ CEO of a minority-owned boutique advertising agency before launching  Harlan Brandon Fine Art, to promote and provide visual art services to the corporate and interior design industry, mainly centered modernist and abstract expression art.
Harlan Media Apprenticeship Program

The Problem:

The White House and Congress agree that job creation is critical to revitalizing our battered economy. And, nowhere are jobs more desperately needed than in the African-American community of Newark , where unemployment rates have climbed to 16.8% - and over 40% for males, the highest rate of unemployment since 1984!
To address this problem of lack of opportunity and corporate partnerships, Harlan created Harlan Media LLC

HARLAN MEDIA Communications (HMC) was a strategic business model positioned to create 34 long-term, sustainable jobs. By becoming a lead supplier of government and corporate procurement contracts, HMC had been uniquely suited to provide "Madison Avenue" advertising and marketing expertise for federal, state, and city advertising assignments. With our WMBE certification and HUBZone status, HMC enables government agencies and national corporations to achieve their economically underutilized business goals and objectives.

Harlan Media partnered with Essex County College to established an Apprenticeship Program geared towards providing hands-on experience for exceptional second year students trained in the marketing, advertising, media and video production fields.

To combat the austere realities of youth employment in Newark by creating a synergy between seasoned,

award-winning professionals and students who possess a wealth of raw talent, an abundance of seminal ideas, and a burning desire to succeed.

Harlan Media’s Apprenticeship Program covers communication, video journalism, business development, government procurement, web design and content creation.

Partnership Opportunities

We have offered a plethora of ways for clients and corporations alike to partner with us in our daily efforts to help enrich underserved communities in our region.

Please call us (862)-202-0112 or send us a note at 

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